For over 25 years, Catherine has been improving her own technique and training professional hairdressers throughout the world. She has also developed an extensive range of services to bring out the best of your style.
Catherine de France has been awarded 8 years in a row for the best Salon in Beijing.


After all these years in the most prestigious hair salons around the world, Catherine de France decided to create her own brand. It’s in 2007 that she opens her first hair salon in Beijing.

Catherine de France creates a concept based on a unique trip between luxury, you and your self-image.
«Luxury, creativity, Parisian art, glamour, and ambiance will be ever present in our salons»


Because we aim to supply the best to our customers, Catherine has improved her own method that she teaches today to a French and international Team, The Parisian style is sublimated by her technical blow-dry like no other.


An image consultant works in collaboration with Catherine de France and her professional team in order to maximize your best personal assets. This cooperation will boost your self-esteem and help you draw out your true personality and define your value, life style, and character.
Learn to take control of your image, but also gain in confidence in order to be perfectly in harmony with yourself and others. At the end of this process, your transformation will be complete and you will be ready to take on the world.

Catherine de France Hairsalon’s are accompanied by Helen Seward product Brand

 Helen Seward has always drawn on its origins in the development of its business, and in fact, it finds most of its resources in Italy – creativity, technology, materials and raw materials.
Every new product is a synthesis of nature and technology, tradition and innovation.

Natural ingredients from the Mediterranean basin are combined with technically advanced active components and high-performance tools in line with the latest trends.