• Smile
  • Atmosphere
  • Creativity
  • Glamour
  • Beauty
  • Harmony

It begins with a breezy smile
Blows into your hair
Swirls into a new style
An enchanting moment to bring back your sparkle
C. de France
Service with a smile
Where quality gels with experience
Friendliness is a given
And trust is guaranteed

A journey for all kinds of hair
From Africa to Asia via Europe
Shaped by yesterday, today and tomorrow
Layered or bobed
Nippon or tweedy
From wild locks to tame braids
Fine as silk or thick as mane
In the kingdom of hair, your face is king

C de France embodies limitless creativity
Reinventing nature in everyday glamour
Bringing joy to young children’s faces
Teens and adults
Men and women ripe for marriage
Head in the clouds or feet on the ground
Whoever you are
Dark, fair, café au lait
Tanned by the sun or bronzed by solarium
Trust the masterful touch
Of our caring professionals
To revitalize and reinvigorate you

One thing is sure
You’ll jump with joy
When the mirror looks back
With greeting eyes
Acknowledging the changes in you
A source of satisfaction
Unlocking your new beauty
Dust off the lethargy of daily routine
Whatever your personality
And reawaken that trapped spirit inside you
A magic formula?
Splash out!
From pedicure to manicure, we have the cure for you!
Treat yourself to a complete makeover
Massage, facial, wax…
We color you beautiful
As fresh coffee wafts through the air

For an interactive and varied beauty time
In a relaxing, airy space
Chill out as you embrace a new dimension
Harmony rediscovered
You leave our world
Body, hair and soul
All three eager to return
To relive our uniqueness

Once the spell is cast
Your only desire
Will be to return
Feet, hands, hair and flesh
Eager to revisit
Mission accomplished
C de France has captured your heart
Your eyes, your hair
A scent of joy fills the air
A breeze of hope dances sprightly
Your identity enhanced sublime

It’s crystal clear
C de France is forever dear
Our door is always open