New beautician Miss Linda at CDF / 隆重推荐资深美容师Linda@凯瑟琳法式沙龙

October 11, 2019

Dear clients,

We are happy to announce that our beauty services will be now operated by Miss Linda, well-trained-qualified beautician that we are very pleased to welcome to Catherine de France team from 1st of October.

Miss Linda will help us improving Catherine de France beauty lounge services and she will take care of our old and new clients.

We look forward to seeing you in our salon!

Best regards,

Catherine de France Team 

• Linda began studying beauty in 1992, now she has more than 20 years of experience. While working in Ritz Carlton Financial Street Spa and Fitness for 12 years Miss Linda was guest’s favorite therapist. She cares a lot about her clients, even the smallest details that is the reason why in 2014 she got to be a Five Star Employee of Ritz Carlton Financial Street Spa and Fitness.

*1992年Linda Lai开始学习美容,从事美容工作20多年,能够专业的为不同肤质的客人选择适合的产品、护理方法和家居建议,使护理达到最好的效果,深受客人的喜爱和认可。