Haircut by Aurelien, French Team Leader/法国团队总监Aurelien的创意发型设计

December 13, 2019

Dear friends,

Last month our French Team Leader Aurelien made two retro inspired haircuts.

Two different parts of the world.

One Style.





Just like all good things, our favorite retro hairstyle has made a welcome return. Curtain bangs are back, and we’re definitely on board with doing this look all over again.

Originally popular in the ’60s — think Brigitte Bardot with her bee-stung lips and bouffant locks — the look got an update in the ’90s, when once again your hair wasn’t perfect unless you had some shorter, center-parted strands at the front — think Kate Moss with her cat-like eyes poking out under some sexy fringe. These layers with a center part work on any length and are especially good for creating some interest in medium-length hairstyles. They’re long enough to be more versatile than a classic fringe: you can still play around with braids and twists when you need to dress your look up a bit.

It’s the perfect lazy ‘do and the not-quite-ready solution to cutting full blunt bangs. Should you? Shouldn’t you? Get curtain bangs, and you don’t have to decide.