CDF welcome SEBASTIEN / Punk Rock Paris Photoshoot

1月 18, 2018

Catherine de France welcome SEBASTIEN



Catherine De France Beijing is pleased to welcome a new Parisian hair stylist: SEBASTIEN EMERY During his long career in Paris, SEBASTIEN has been working for famous brands such as FRANCK Provost, JACQUES Dessange or Jean Claude Biguine.

He has also owned two successful hair salons in Paris, in the 1st and 14th districts for almost 10 years, with a 20 person team each.

After 26 years in Paris, Sébastien has decided to conquer a worldwide clientele with his scissors. During these last 4 years, SEBASTIEN was the manager of luxury salons “Jacques Dessange” in Marocco, Agadir & Rabat. With his high experience, in all beauty aspects for men & women, and a very friendly personality, SEBASTIEN will now welcome you at Catherine De France for the next 2 years.

在巴黎的漫长职业生涯中,Sebastian一直为著名的 品牌,如FranckProvost,JacquesDessange还有JeanClaudeBiguin等,做高级发型设计师。



在巴黎摸爬滚打了26年之后,Sébastien决定用他自己的剪子去征服这个世界。在过去的4年里,Sébastien曾经是豪华沙龙”Jacques Dessange”的经理分别在摩罗科、阿加迪尔和拉巴特。带着他丰富的经验和对于男性和女性之美的独特概念,以及非常友好的个性,Sébastien将在接下来的两年内在凯瑟琳法式发廊为您提供您前所未有的极致美发体验。



Loyalty Program

Catherine De France, 10th Anniversary is coming, we are especially thankful for our customers’ loyalty and support throughout the year.

We are privileged that you have chosen Catherine de France as your Hair & Beauty salon in Beijing. Several of our customers have given trust to our services for decades, to express our sincere appreciation for all you do, we would like to reward, in the way that we do the best, Catherine De France Services.

“You and a special guest of yours are invited for a luxury seaward

Loyalty Program

Aragn oil hair treatment and Hairstyle on our account”.

Our customers remain at the heart of our mission.  If not for your confidence in the services we provide, Catherine de France wouldn’t have the opportunity to work tenaciously each day in order to bring to our clients beauty, harmony and happiness.

Providing our team with continued feedback has created numerous opportunities for our staff to improve our customer service skills, while also enhancing our creativity.

Thank you to all of our customers for your kind words- constantly reminding our team that what we do MATTERS!

You & your friend should come at same moment,
Please contact me directly, for your booking,

We wish you a beautiful day
Warm wishes,
Paola Costumer services.

Makeover Program
“Are you ready for a change“
Win the chance to be our monthly queen

Do you want to WIN a total makeover at Catherine de France?

Following our winter theme 2017-2018: #PunkRockParis”

EVERY MONTH Catherine De France organize #CREATIVETRAINING for our hairstylist, it’s also INCLUDING THE PARTICIPATION 

  • Victoria Claire fashion stylist:
  • Daria fashion photographer
  • Several professional make-up artist.

Model Maria

Model: Maria 
Hairdresser : David 
Technicien : Alice 
Fashion Stylist : VictoriaClaire
Photographe : Daria 
Make up artist : Katerina


Anyone Man or Women ready for a full makeover following our theme inspiration #PunkRockParis.


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All services will be free of charge, the training is organize by our leader. The training session will end by photoshoot.

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Catherine de France Autumn
Winter 2017/2018
Punk Rock Paris Photoshoot

This season Catherine De France, has been inspired by punk & rock style and the glamor of Paris city for our winter photo-shoot.

Punk Rock Paris

Below a little review about the punk movement, to better understand our inspiration and the sophisticated turn that has been given, according to the principles pursued by our beauty salon.

You can know a lot about a society by the way women and men wear their hair, beyond fashion trends, hairstyles often convey political messages and are a very visible expression of what is happening in the society as a whole. From the extravagant wigs of Marie Antoinette to the Mohaws of the punks of the 70s, hair is an effective way to make a statement about who you are and what you represent.


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See the album on Weibo