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January - 2020

New Year, New You / 2020卓越的你

New year! New you! Package Special!

Change up you look for 2020 and take The New Year by storm!





//The choice is yours, the art is ours//

Shine this festive's season! Make your 2019 Remarkable!

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January - 2020

Welcome Fernando – Talented Brazilian Hairdresser / 欢迎巴西天才发型师

Catherine de France team is very pleased to welcome talented Brazilian Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist – Fernando. “I started to work in the hairdressing industry since 2012, right after I finished my 3 year studies at the “De La Lastra” São...

December - 2019

Haircut by Aurelien, French Team Leader/法国团队总监Aurelien的创意发型设计

Dear friends, Last month our French Team Leader Aurelien made two retro inspired haircuts. Two different parts of the world. One Style. 亲爱的朋友们, 以下为您展示我们的法国团队总监Aurelien于10月创意打造的复古发型。 模特来自于世界的两大洲,亚洲和欧洲。 不同的种族肤色、同样的发式设计。 Just like all good things, our favorite retro hairstyle has made a welcome return. Curtain bangs are back, and we're definitely on...

December - 2019

7 Reasons To Get a Facial

Here's what we learned. 1. Facials can actually clear your pores. A professional treatment will fully cleanse your skin in a way that you simply can't at home. Facialists normally utilize a safe and gentle steam to really open your pores and...

October - 2019

New beautician Miss Linda at CDF / 隆重推荐资深美容师Linda@凯瑟琳法式沙龙

Dear clients, We are happy to announce that our beauty services will be now operated by Miss Linda, well-trained-qualified beautician that we are very pleased to welcome to Catherine de France team from 1st of October. Miss Linda will help us improving Catherine de France beauty lounge services and she will take...

October - 2019

PINK OCTOBER @ Catherine de France / 十月粉红丝带月@凯瑟琳法式沙龙

Dear clients, Catherine de France donates 10 rmb to Charity for every haircolor and highlight! 敬爱的客户们 凯瑟琳(北京)法式美容美发沙龙将在十月粉红丝带月期间,从每一位光临沙龙享受染发及挑染服务的客户消费金额中提取10元人民币捐给关爱女性乳腺健康慈善基金会 Pink October, Breast Cancer Awareness campaign has been used to express moral support for women battling breast cancer. It symbolizes early prevention, detection and treatment effort.  Many governments...

January - 2018

Happy New Year 2018


December - 2017

CDF 10 Years anniversary