7 Reasons To Get a Facial

December 13, 2019

Here’s what we learned.

1. Facials can actually clear your pores. A professional treatment will fully cleanse your skin in a way that you simply can’t at home. Facialists normally utilize a safe and gentle steam to really open your pores and allow them to breathe. It’s a don’t-try-this-at-home kind of cleansing.

 2. If something’s wrong, you’ll find out why. Your skin changes over time depending on age, weather, and even hormones. It’s a good idea to have an expert who can help you address those changes, identify skin conditions, and educate you on how to treat them.

3. You’re popping your zits wrong. Everytime you squeeze a pimple, you’re risking acne scarring and dark marks. Regular, professional extractions will help keep the skin clear. It will also help prevent long-term damage you might be causing at home.

4. It’s better than the beauty counter. A knowledgeable, licensed esthetician will provide personalized skin recommendations and a regimen that will address your individual concerns. The best way to know your skin is to examine it, cleanse it, treat it, and then assess it. Once you’re on a great regimen, the esthetician will update it by season. It’s like having your own concierge!

5. There are some things you just can’t DIY. You will never have the right products at home to get a professional effect. (Take that steam machine as a prime example!) 

6. You’ll find your happy place. Facials are so much more relaxing than a DIY. Everyone knows stress can cause skin issues, so a facial can cure any breakouts and give you reason to take a few deep, cleansing breaths.

7. Confidence is key. You should feel comfortable in your own skin!