2015 Best Salon Beijing, Expat Life Award

October 3, 2015



Life expact Award ceremony 2015 .. We got it .. Best hair salon .. Second year .. Congratulation to my team and thanks everyone for have voted for Catherine de France.

2015 Best Salon Expat Life Award



The autumn collection / Match it !! Our new Catherine de France hair accessory line is the perfect complement to your favorite nail polish, purse, or makeup.

We have chosen the elegance of Napa materiel in shaded powder, peach, dessert color & luxurious snake skin materiel in colors like shaded sky blue, forest green, tangerine.

Don’t forget … FREE styling of your PURCHASED hair accessory

Autumn Accessory Line 2015

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Autumn has arrived! Coppers, golds andreds will be trending in the salon this season. We look forward to seeing youall and excited for trying some symbolic colors by aligning with the harvestseason to celebrate ourselves and our growth!

As we are spiritual beings who arehaving a human experience to expand our perspectives, to know ourselves, to become the greatest version of ourselves by following our joy!

We like joy and the joy of achieving ourdesires; we honor our desires and what we want, the majority of people know it is good and reasonable to celebrate our achievements, but many people forgot to honor and celebrate where we are and who we are at the current moment!

Before going to a new location that wewant to go to, we have to pinpoint where we are on a map, otherwise we cannot find a path or any path to the destination. In like manner, we have to pinpoint and honor where we are really! Otherwise we cannot get what want or be in a perpetual half happy or unhappy!

Celebrate ourselves in the autumn

Here I list 3 items for your referenceto celebrate and honor yourself at the NOW!

1, Develop self-confidence! The reason why we do not feel confident and do not trust ourselves is because we do not accept our own abilities, talents, intentions, and values.

2, Honor your feelings and emotions atany given moment by listening to and feeling them in all your emotional spectral.

3, Develop healthy personal boundaries and honor your personal boundaries! So you can maintain your personal happiness regardless whatever other people think about you.

The most important thing is that we donot violate our own boundaries!
It is my hope that you can practice andkeep in mind these 3 items at any given moment.



Thursday 22 October
@ VIVID Conrad hotel

ASW Meet’s’ up

Thursday 22nd at Conrad Hotel

Address: 29 North Dongsanhuan Road Chaoyang District, Beijing

Saturday 31 October
@ Four seasons hotel

Spookilicious kids hollowen

Saturday 31 October @ Four seasons hotel

Address: 48 Liang Ma Qiao Road 100125 Chaoyang District, Beijing

Saturday 25 October
@ Safine Hospital

Look good feel great

Saturday 25 October @ Safine Hospital

Address: No.4 Building of Shimao International Center, No.13 Gongti North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Saturday 31 October
@ D Park 798

Mercedenz Benz fashion week
Show with LIZA YU.